Interested in what happens to Memorial Medical Center?

Common Cause - Southern New Mexico Chapter certainly is. A lot of other people were also. This section documents some of the efforts to inform the public and to collect suggestions. Many of the informative links listed below are no longer available, but the links to Common Cause generated suggestions and questions are still available here at the bottom of this page.


Common Cause - Southern New Mexico Chapter thinks that it is important that all options for Memorial Medical Center be fully discussed and that all possible information be made available to help insure that the public interest is best served.

This page lists notices of interest, links to relevant information, and a list of actions taken by the Chapter to help insure that decisions are made in the public interest.

Public meetings on MMC held by the county and city governments

There is a LARGE amount of information on MMC on the city's web site. To intelligently discuss the subject, much of this information has to be carefully read.

The Las Cruces Sun-News has published a number of relevant articles. Links to these articles are provided. (Use your back button to return here.)

A selection of Common Cause -SNM articles and letters on MMC