December 4, 2003


Dr. Jim Kadlecek


Your request for inspection of records was received by our respective offices on December 1, 2003. 


Your request was that certain records be made available to the members of the public.   While it is not clear that anyone can make records requests on behalf of the public, the City and County will nonetheless honor your request.


The City and County will make available all records pertaining to MMC that were created, obtained, examined or held by consultants hired by the City or County. The bulk of these records are a portion of MMCI’s financial records, which are in the data room at MMC.   Arrangements can be made to inspect these records through Linda Kutinac at MMCI, 521-2258.


The balance of the records are available for inspection at the office of Holt & Babington, P.C.   Arrangements to inspect these records can be made through Grace Espinosa at Holt & Babington, P.C., 524-8812.


If you wish to review the copies of public record requested, they will be available.   These records may not be removed.   If you wish copies of any of these documents, there will be a charge.  If you have any questions, please call my office 541-2115.




Shirley Clark, City Clerk


Brian Haines, County Manager



C:      Matt Holt, Esq.

Las Cruces City Council

Board of County Commissioners

Attorney General’s Office

          Jess Williams, DAC Director of Public Information and Special Projects