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Suggested Dona County Commission Redistricting Plan Based on 2010 Census

As suggested by the Southern Chapter of New Mexico Common Cause


1. The Dona Ana County Commission should appoint a 9 member redistricting panel before the 2010 census information is received, with panel positions being decided according to the normal County procedure of application and vote by the Commission. The panel should consist of:

- Persons nominated by Republican and Democrat party chairs for Dona Ana County (one each)
- Three members of the community from each major party (Republican and Democrat)

- One registered independent member of the community

The County Clerk should be asked to sit on the panel as an advisory member, and an expert from NMSU or other organization in demographic study should be added in an advisory role.

2. Once the 2010 census information is received, the panel would have 60 days to write a draft redistricting plan after considering input from open and publicized meetings. The redistricting plan should be based on four criteria:

a) Population equality
b) Contiguity of districts
c) Unity of communities within districts (donít unnecessarily split a city, village, colonia, or neighborhood

d) Compactness/shape

e) Not intentionally favoring any political party

3. After 60 days, and the draft plan being completed, the panel will be responsible for holding three presentations to the public, one each in the North, Central, and South parts of the County. Each presentation should leave time for public input. The panel should have at least one more meeting to discuss and incorporate the public input into the plan.

4. Within 90 days of receiving the initial census information, the panel will be responsible for presenting a final redistricting plan to the Commission. The Commission will then be responsible for using these recommendations in forming the final redistricting plan.

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