Las Cruces Planning and Zoning Commission, 16 November 2004

 Present: Commissioners Ford, Ludtke, Camunez, and Buchman (Chair).

 The first discussion focused on a 6-acre parcel just north of Mayfield High.  At some point in the past, the city limits were drawn through the center of this parcel, leaving a portion of the property owned by a church and part of a large residential lot outside of the city limits.  The owners requested annexation of the slivers left out of the city, as well as zone changes to match the existing uses of the property. 

The church requested high-intensity commercial zoning and George Rawson, one of the church elders, explained that they were requesting it so they could consider opening a bookstore or coffee shop in the future; however, he also noted that they may be selling the land and moving to a new location soon.  The commission voted unanimously to apply office zoning instead, which would still accommodate the church and some associated uses, while limiting what future owners could do with the property.

 The largest item was preliminary plat approval for the latter phases of the 100-acre residential development west of the Field of Dreams.  The entire master plan and preliminary plats for the remainder of this development had previously been approved, but this portion had to await the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s final decision on the location of a major roadway.  The new roadway will be bordered by a 30’ wide trail corridor (similar to the Triviz path).  Neighboring residents reiterated concerns about traffic and a high density residential development in an agricultural area, but the request was approved unanimously.