Ordinances to be considered to put the proposed changes to the city charter on the November 2005 ballot


For council meeting 18 July 2005 (first reading).

(32)1069-1075   Council Bill No.  06-011; Ordinance No. 2221:  An Ordinance Amending Sections 2.01, 2.13, and 8.03 of the Las Cruces City Charter Which Are Administrative Corrections to Language in The Charter and Removing the Transitional Provisions in the Las Cruces City Charter.     

(33)1076-1079   Council Bill No.  06-012; Ordinance No. 2222:  An Ordinance Amending Article II, Sections 2.06(a) and 2.09(c) of the Las Cruces City Charter Which Allows for a Vacancy to be Declared When the Person Occupying the Office of Mayor Moves Outside the City Limits, and Permits the Council to Delegate Rate Regulation to a Municipal Board of Utility Commissioners.          

(34)1080-1082   Council Bill No.  06-013; Ordinance No. 2223:  An Ordinance Amending Article IV Section 4.05 of the Las Cruces City Charter Which Includes the Language “Striving to Resolve” for Complaints.  

(35)1083-1085   Council Bill No.  06-014; Ordinance No. 2224:  An Ordinance Amending Article VI Section 6.02 of the Las Cruces City Charter Which States the Comprehensive Plan is to be Reviewed and Updated at Least Every Ten Years.        

(36)1086-1088   Council Bill No.  06-015; Ordinance No. 2225:  An Ordinance Amending Article IX Section 9.01 of the Las Cruces City Charter Which Clearly Defines Offenses as “Petty Misdemeanor” and Provides Authority to Establish a Municipal Court.