The NMSU Board of Regents met on December 14, 2007 on the NMSU campus in the Board of Regents room in the Educational Services Building. An executive session was also held in Las Cruces on December 11, 2007 to discuss the leasing of property in accordance with section 10-15-1H(8) of the New Mexico Open Meetings Act. The approved future meetings include one in Santa Fe during Las Cruces Day, and a summer retreat at a currently unknown location. Future board meetings:

•Monday, January 28, 2008 (Santa Fe, in Conjunction w/Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe)

•Monday, March 10, 2008 (Las Cruces, Annual Meeting)

•Friday, May 9, 2008 (Las Cruces, in Conjunction with Commencement)

•Tuesday/Wednesday, July 22-23, 2008 (Location TBD, Retreat)

 The consent calendar was approved unanimously after removal of the last item, Approval of the Adoption of Administrative Penalties Under the Weights and Measures Law, Weighmaster Act, Egg Grading Act, and Dairy Act.

 Each of the action items were approved unanimously after a presentation by the appropriate official. The Director of Athletics, Dr. McKinley Boston, described what the Athletic Department is doing to meet the Title 9 requirements of the NCAA regarding gender equity. A women’s soccer team is being formed to start play in the Fall of 2009, and options for women’s locker facilities are being explored. Regent Gallagher also commended Dr. Boston for extending the contract of Coach Mumme, and applauded the Coaches efforts to graduate student athletes in the football program. Dr. Martin described recommended changes to the titles of administers at the Community College to make them consistent with terminology at other colleges and universities. A ground lease between the Board of Regents of New Mexico State University and Intercap Institutional Investors, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company (“Intercap”) for 3.8 acres of land for the purpose of building a hotel at the SE Corner of University Avenue and Union Avenue was approved after a presentation by Fred Ayers. The Regents and University officials discussed the details of the lease agreement focusing on the dollar amounts. Dr. Martin compared the agreement favorably with a hotel that was built at the University of Minnesota. An agreement covering the relationship between the New Mexico State University School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (HRTM) Program and Intercap Institutional Investors, the company that is going to build the hotel on property owned by the University was also discussed.

 Dr. Martin complained about the Sun-News’ coverage of the University’s policy keeping the donors to the University Foundation anonymous. He was also troubled by recent comments in the Sun-News Sound Off column complaining about Coach Mumme’s contract extension.

 Informational items presented to the Board included a report on the work done for the Higher Learning Commission Self-Study by Associate Vice President for Student Success, Roberta Derlin; and Dr. Jeffrey Arterburn from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry reported on his team’s collaboration with the University of New Mexico on cancer research.

 The Regents asked for the University’s Attorney, Bruce Kite, to examine the pros and cons of making the information provided to the Board available to the public at the same time it is sent to the Board members. This would be a significant change in the Boards approach to the public. They also asked for public comment at the end of the meeting. In addition, specific information was provided about the executive session a week prior to that meeting, something that had not been done before.

 John Lazaruk

December 19, 2007

For Southern New Mexico Common Cause