NMSU Hadley Hall, 9:30 a.m. - John Porter Bloom, SNM Chapter of Common Cause

 This meeting was necessary because the agenda for the previous regular meeting (July 17) did not get out sufficiently in advance, as specified by the Open Meetings Act. Regents Chair Laura M. Conniff presided and Student Regent Ed Kellum was also present. The other three regents participated by means of a speakerphone hookup -- perfectly OK under applicable regulations. Discussion having taken place on July 17th, votes were held (all unanimous, as usual) on items from that agenda after brief, pro forma introductory statements.

 It was over in about ten minutes -- but in the momentary relaxation of the quick completion of the agenda to the point "Other," I raised my hand and was recognized to speak. (Public participation!) Noting that I had been told that "Other" was the point where public participation was appropriate but that, in years of observing these meetings, there had never been any public participation, I asked for clarification. This led to discussion of the NMSU policy manual's paragraph on agenda, permitting me to describe it as the work, perhaps, of a "Philadelphia lawyer" for the numerous hurdles required of any citizen seeking recognition. Further, its language is defective in requiring action at one point by the "chair of the university." No promise was made to give the matter attention in the meeting or in casual conversation afterward.