OCTOBER 28, 2005

This meeting took place on campus in the Regents Room, Educational Services Center, starting at a little after 10 AM. In a brief apology for starting a few minutes late, Board President Robert M. Gallagher observed that the preceding Executive Session had run long, involving a "personnel matter." This was the first-ever (in my observation) statement of a matter discussed in an Executive Session beyond the boiler-plate advance announcement that they would "discuss limited personnel, legal and real estate matters."

 The long agenda was in standard format, with NMSU President Michael Martin's report next to last as usual. (Last was presentation of a resolution of appreciation to retiring Dean Jerry Schickedanz.) Considerable discussion was given to the need for increased state appropriations, with mention of the development of an "organic" demonstration farm; and also to approval of a Ph.D. program in nursing.

 By far the greatest time allotment was given to a formal presentation on "Enrollment Management" and ensuing discussion. This was covered well in press reports. Of passing interest to this attendee, because it reflects awareness of criticism by Common Cause and other observers, was President Gallagher's calling upon a person in the audience for input. The man was clearly an NMSU staff member, and may have raised his hand to speak. Gallagher commented offhand to the effect, "so much for people who say we never allow public input." (Not a verbatim quote.)

 John P. Bloom

 Southern NM Common Cause