Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Annual Meeting Minutes for August 20, 2003 at 11:30 a.m.

J.W. Flours Bakery and Catering


Attendance: A. Avallone, P. Banks, C. Bigelow, A. Burr, R. Gurley, R. Jenkins, W. Jenkins, J. Kadlecek, M. McCamley, D. Page, V. Quiroz, C. Welch


1. Reports

  1. Citizen Charter Review & Ethics Ordinance

            The CCRC has completed most of the legwork; the next step is to have the issues             discussed at public forums in order to continue citizen input. With the mayoral election             coming up, this will also allow us to see where the candidates stand on the issues that we             are working on changing. We will now begin to assemble all our information into one             report for public review. Our next step is to get board approval of the possible Charter             amendments.

  1. Monitoring Public Meetings

                        The City Council has chosen to televise the meetings, there is a hope that the                                County will follow their lead. Although there has been some concern regarding                                  what is involved, Welch will speak with the public information officer to get                             details, mainly because of regulations and requirements, i.e. ADA and translation.

        City Council — Page

                        Unfortunately, everyone on the council seemed to have forgotten why they were                                 at the meeting in the first place. When the meeting got started Frietze proposed a                               .25% tax increase and it was killed. The accounting firm has been engaged and                             they will have the audit completed by December 1 , 2003.

        City Council — Kadlecek

                        There was a 6-1 vote to increase the utility rates #5 over 3 years. The commercial                                     rates will vary.

        NMSU Regents — Bloom

                        A letter from the Chairman of the Board of Regents was received and read into                                   the record.

        School District — Banks

                        The Board is moving towards a paperless meeting, everything will be available on             PDF prior to the meetings at For those that do not have                                   electronic access the information can be picked up at the local school. Their                             meetings are televised and they are not ADA compliant, nor do they have a                         translator.

  1. MMC Committee

            There was a good turnout at the public forum. The public forum showed there are a lot of         people interested in what happens to the hospital. The surveys showed there were three             areas where more information was needed on the hospital district and the financial             situation. The next step should be to create a debate on what should be done with the             hospital, the last forum gave views and allowed people to think about the issues, now we        should debate the issues. We should have each panelist take a side and allow the audience             to ask questions regarding their standpoint.

  1. State Report

            No report at this time, more information will come later.


2. Officers and Board Elections

a. Bylaws

        Bigelow moved to change bylaws section 4D and 4F to delete chairman and change to chairperson(s)

        Motion passed

b. Board Vacancies

         McCamley will fill the vacant board position, expiring in 2005

         Page will fill a vacant bard position, expiring in 2005

       c. State Council

         Page will be nominated to sit on the State council, expiring in 2004

         Welch will be nominated to sit on the State council, expiring in 2006

       d. Local Officer Elections

         Co Chairs: Page and Kadlecek

         Vice Chair: Asche

         Secretary: Quiroz

         Bigelow motioned, McCamley seconded, and Motion passed.


3. Website Update

            No report.


4. Other Business


5. Closing



Minutes respectfully submitted by,



Vanessa Quiroz






Signature and date of approval Local Officer Elections