Meeting location: Chaparral Apartments (Community Room), 2350 E. Nevada, Las Cruces, NM 88001

Attending: Jane Asche, Gus Bigelow, Paul Borunda, Don Brown, Alex Burr, Rose Garcia, Dolores Halls, Jim Kadlecek, Chris Sanchez, Dick Van Frank, Sue Van Frank, Charles Welch

Dr. Jim Kadlecek, temporary co-chair, called the meeting to order at 11:40 AM.

There was a brief discussion of the nomenclature for the chapter and the governing council. It was agreed that the chapter should be called Southern New Mexico Common Cause (SNMCC). The governing council should be called the Governing Board. The Governing Board will meet monthly.

The minutes of the introductory meeting of June 27, 2002 were passed unanimously upon motion by Rose Garcia and second by Dolores Halls.

Election of officers: Upon motion by Gus Bigelow and second by Dolores Halls, Jim Kadlecek was unanimously voted as Chairperson. Upon motion by Jim Kadlecek and second by Jane Asche, Gus Bigelow was unanimously voted as Vice Chairperson and Sue Van Frank as Recording Secretary. All officers will serve for a period of one year.

Jim Kadlecek led a discussion to ascertain the types of issues SNMCC needs to initially focus on. The results of the questionnaire distributed at the June 27, 2002 meeting of SNMCC listed over 20 issues of interest. Of those issues of interest, the top five issues which generated the most support were: 1) Research and Report Conflicts of Interest, 2) Examine water policy issues, 3) Monitor campaign contributions and disclosures, 4) Conduct workshops on Open Meetings laws and 5) (4 tied) Regularly monitor local government meetings, examine local government budget processes, merit selection of local judges, sponsor or co-sponsor public issue debates.

After discussion and input from Governing Board members the issues that will be focused on are:

How Federal money is spent by the City of Las Cruces (CDBG and Mesquite area).

Campaign Finance Reform (in support of the National CC objectives and how we can involve ourselves locally).

Examination of the Home Rule Charter.

Accountability Mapping.

Conflicts of Interest.

Upon determination of focus issues the following tasks were assigned:

Jim Kadlecek mentioned that William Taggart, NMSU Professor and Dean of the School of Government, expressed interest in his department offering help with SNMCC issues.

It was agreed that the Chairperson should have discretion to be a spokesman for SNMCC when the need occurs (i.e. interviews).

Jim Kadlecek will prepare a letter to political candidates to discuss issues on behalf of SNMCC.

Alex Burr moved that SNMCC write a letter to the Las Cruces Sun-News to congratulate them on their coverage of campaign finances and to encourage them to continue it. After a second by Rose Garcia, it was unanimously passed. Jim Kadlecek will write the letter.

There was a brief discussion about future meetings. The SNMCC Governing Board will meet monthly but there may be a need for a larger room in the future. Rose Garcia graciously offered the Community Room of the Chaparral Apartments as long as it was needed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by Chairperson Jim Kadlecek at 1:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Susan Torres Van Frank

Recording Secretary