City Council Meeting November 5, 2007 – Nancy Phillips, Observer

 After the usual opening ceremonies, the Council reported that a Coalition on Legislative Issues has been formed between the City of Las Cruces and Doņa Ana County.  This Coalition will prioritize issues common to the City, County and Region and present them to the Legislature in Santa Fe.  The issues include the following: NMSU, Doņa Ana Community College, the public school system, and White Sands.

 The 100th Anniversary of Las Cruces celebration was also discussed, noting some of the significant historical events in the dity:  1935 Branigan Library opened in what is now the Branigan Cultural Center, 1950 Memorial Hospital opened, 1971 the Farmers Market opened, 1981 the Whole Enchilada Festival began.  The celebration will take place in the Downtown Mall on Saturday, November 17.

 Comments from the public included the opinion of one person that the city's voting procedures were open to fraud because there is no requirement for people to show valid identification at the polls.  The Council will refer this matter to the City Clerk.  There were complaints from several citizens about a manufactured home being placed in their Alameda neighborhood.  Council's response was that HUD requirements were met in this instance and in the future neighborhoods may apply to be designated an historic area to solve this issue.  David Weir, Director of Community Development subsequently met with the concerned citizens in the conference room.

 Each Councilmember reported on activities in their district; Councilor Archuleta gave the schedule of activities for Veterans' Day to take place on November 10 and 11.

 There was discussion on Resolution No. 08-110: to approve a joint powers agreement establishing the New Mexico Municipal Energy Acquisition Authority for cooperative acquisition of long-term energy supplies by and among the City of Las Cruces, City of Gallup and the Incorporated County of Los Alamos.  The resolution was passed unanimously, as were all the others on the agenda, some with discussion and most without.  Two resolutions were postponed until a later date.

 All proposed ordinances on the agenda were moved forward to another meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.