Mayor Mattiace and all Council members and staff were present.  Comments from the public included 1) the new City Hall building is not built with sufficient attention to environmentally sound materials and 2) is it possible for the old Laabs Pool to be increased in length to produce a 50-meter pool?  In answer to #2, City staff said that there were too many requirements for a competitive pool, such as space from the road, locker rooms, and warm up lanes to make it feasible and the cost would be prohibitive.  However, staff will research previous cost estimates for the Laabs pool and report back to Council.


Mayor Mattiace reported that he and council members have received numerous emails from the public regarding maintaining open space in the East Foothills and Organ Mountains.  He reiterated that these should be rerouted to the County, as that area is not within City Limits.  The City of Las Cruces has an ordinance that there will be no more development east of Weisner Road and that the County needs to hear comments from the public.  The City cannot fix everything, everywhere, but he encouraged citizens to report neighborhood complaints such as weeds, vandalism, garbage and/or suspected crimes to him or any Council member or staff.  Much progress has been made in road improvement as a result of this type of civic participation.  Several council members spoke up about the necessity of keeping citizens informed on issues such as deadlines for submitting signatures to the City Clerk for bond issues, progress on city issues, and Council agreed to have a work session on timeframes for annexations and subdivisions, focusing on State statutes and considering revisions to allow for more public input.


All routine resolutions and ordinances were approved unanimously.