City Council Meeting – June, 2007 – Nancy Phillips

 Mayor Mattiace and all councillors were present.  City Manager, Terence Moore was on vacation and his assistant, Robert Garza, was in his place.

 There was an interesting presentation by the Dean of the new charter school, Las Montanas High School, which will open August 14, 2007, with 100 freshman students.  Students will be chosen by a lottery system.  The school's goals include small class size, individual, personalized instruction.  The curriculum will include defense and aerospace subjects, along with the usual English, Social Studies, math, Science and mandatory physical education.  It is a public school and the decision of whether to report to the Las Cruces Public Schools or the New Mexico State Public School office in Santa Fe will be made at the end of this first academic year.

 Comments and concerns from the public included the annex of Tract 6 on the West Mesa, the need for a 50-meter swimming pool, "at risk" youths and increasing violence and graffiti.

 Discussion of issues by the Mayor and Council members concerned the following:

1.  Need for more shade in the park where the free food program takes place;

2.  Concern that apartment renters are having to pay part of the "impact fee" imposed on residents for the new convention center (this will be discussed at a Council work session to determine whether the ordinance should be modified);

3.  Possible repeat of the seminars on water issues since the speaker for the fourth session was a no-show and several questions could not be answered;

4.  A brief presentation on FEMA flooding maps;

5.  Vandalism of City buildings and fountains, multiple signs on several buildings, graffiti

6.  Update on the various swimming pool repairs and building.

 All routine resolutions were unanimously approved.