May 5, 2007                                Nancy Phillips, Observer

 The meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. by Mayor Mattiace. All Council members and staff were present.

 Several members of the public voiced concerns about the proposed annexation in the West Mesa area, specifically about Tract 6 which contains nine arroyos which could be problematic for buildings during flood season there. Other public concerns included the time frame for approving annexations, city stoplight systems, new public buildings using alternative energy resources. An announcement was made that there will be a presentation on May 21 regarding the proposed East Mesa annexation which will hopefully provide answers to questions about school sites, open spaces and other plans for the development.

Mayor Mattiace reported that there will be a resolution that he and the City Council support Ron Curry in voting against the reopening of the ASARCO plant in El Paso. He also reminded the public and Councilors about the Youth Forum to be held on May 9th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm to discuss how to prevent the high school dropout rate.

 Of note during individual Councilors' reports: Councilor Miyagishima will hold a public meeting at Good Samaritan on May 12 from 9 am to 12 noon to address questions on the East Mesa (Presidio) annex. He also confirmed that any City employees who are serving abroad or within the U.S. in the National Guard will be able to return to their previous positions or their equivalent after serving. Councilor Jones reported that he had visited the Las Cruces sister city in Mexico and learned a great deal about it. They are in need of cleanser such as Comet, and are very grateful for this city's donation of an ambulance. Councilor Connor reported that the April 28th Spaceport launch was successful and acknowledged the many contributions volunteers made.

 City Manager Moore gave an update on the Federal building construction which will begin by fencing in the area on May 21. Excavation and utilities will commence in June and July. The city office's parking lot will no longer be available and there will be a free shuttle to and from the long term parking lot; a short-term lot two blocks away will be available for four months. He reported on the status of repair and construction of swimming pools.

 Routine resolutions and ordinances were passed unanimously, while others required discussion and/or amendment. Voting on the Kennon Annexation and Heather Hills Annexation, both southwest of Las Cruces, was postponed until June 25 to allow time for questions and input. The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm