APRIL 23, 2007                              Marnie Leveret, Observer


This meeting of City Council was the monthly land use issues meeting. Those meetings are held normally in the evening hours so that working residents can observe. It was called to order promptly at 5:00 p.m. by Mayor Mattiace.


Because of the nature of the items on the agenda, Mayor Mattiace asked each member of the City Council if he or she had a conflict of interest with any item on the agenda. They all stated that they did not.


Annexation of a subdivision on the east mesa called Peachtree Hills was the first item on the agenda, followed by master plan approval and zoning for the same area. They were all discussed together. The area in question is contiguous with city limits. The ordinances and resolution were all approved.


The far more contentious issue of a huge annexation a little further out on the east mesa was then presented for its first reading. This huge parcel is known as the Vistas at Presidio. Many people in the audience spoke to this issue and several of the Councilors spoke to the fact that they had had no opportunity to ask questions or learn details of the planning that is part of the annexation request. Originally, it was thought that once the first reading occurred, voting had to come within a specified time. But with clarification from the Attorney General, the board made the decision to put off the final vote on this annexation until May 21, which will also be an evening meeting.