APRIL 2, 2007

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mattiace with all Council members present.  There were several proclamations and Certificates of Appreciation/Congratulations:  The Mesilla Valley Christian School boys' basketball team; the Mayfield High girls' basketball team; the Las Cruces Chapter of the National Architectural Institute celebration its 150th anniversary; a presentation by NMSU's Pi Kappa Phi project called "Push America" and a presentation by the local construction industry on the upcoming competition to benefit the hungry.  Businesses competing will submit constructions made entirely of canned food which will then be donated to local charities.  Citizens were encouraged by Public Works Department to be alert and safe in and near the many construction sites in the City.  The Council presented a proclamation to the family of Sgt. Apuan, who died in the line of duty in Iraq. 

During the public discussion a citizen voiced concern that there seem to be many out-of-town investors buying several homes in new developments which are being rented rather than sold to new owners, thus causing poor maintenance and possible crime in the neighborhoods.  City Manager Moore will research this issue and report back to the Council.  Other concerns put forth by members of the public included the need for planned swimming pools to be completed before the hot summer days.

Council member Archuleta was congratulated on being named the top city council member in New Mexico.  All routine ordinances and resolutions were passed by the Council.  Of particular note were two loan applications to the New Mexico Finance Authority for water projects:  1) for $5.7 million to construct a water reclamation plant near the Foothills Landfill and 2) for $2.9 million to build a water storage tank near Holman Road in East Mesa.


Nancy Phillips

LWV of Greater Las Cruces