NOVEMBER 6, 2006

 This was a very long meeting of the City Council and I was unable to attend all of it, but here are the major topics discussed and acted on.

 First, there was a detailed presentation on three possible preliminary plans for the new City Hall. There was much open discussion from the City Councilors but no decisions were made at this time. Three general architectural concepts were presented: Pueblo, Territorial and Mission. It was pretty much agreed upon that Pueblo could be eliminated because of cost and lack of integration with the surrounding neighborhood, but that Territorial and Mission had real merit and possibilities. There will be more discussion in the future.

 There were several items on the agenda regarding the financing of the final phases of Sonoma Ranch Blvd. There is a tremendous need to finish that road because of the heavy development in the area. The city intends to float a bond issue, with the developers' lands along the route as collateral, in order to find funding to finish the job sooner, rather than later. The bond issue would also provide funding for flood control projects and other related issues. The resolutions were passed unanimously.

 Most other items on the agenda were passed without undue discussion.

Marnie Leverett

LWV of Greater Las Cruces