The meeting was called to order promptly at 1:00. The Mayor was out of town but all other Councilors were present. There was a long list of items on the consent agenda and only one on the discussion agenda. However, the single item on the discussion agenda was a resolution approving the designation of land located on the southwest corner of University Avenue and Union Avenue for a Las Cruces Civic Center, a very controversial issue. Many items were taken off the consent agenda, primarily for clarification, so that the discussion item did not get attention until about 3 p.m. Many university faculty and students spoke about the necessity to preserve usable farm land within the boundaries of the University. Still, the City Council felt that the location was perfect for their purposes and since the University wanted to partner with the City on this project, they voted unanimously in favor of the resolution.

 Other business noted included a week long stint by the police department in their mobile unit on Solano Avenue, and a review of the Sister City Program

 Marnie Leverett