JUNE 5, 2006

 The meeting was called to order promptly at 1:00 p.m.  All Councilors were present.

 Two items were taken off the consent agenda for discussion. Both were about impact fees. The first was a resolution determining that no updates of park land use assumptions, park capital improvement plans and park development impact fees will be forthcoming until December. The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee has not been fully staffed and could not come to any conclusions in time for this deadline .Efforts to find additional members have now been completed and the committee will be meeting regularly starting in June. Councilor Trowbridge suggested that orientation for the new members should be strongly considered as there is a great amount of work to be done.

 The other item was a resolution awarding a contract for consultants to review the City's development fee ordinance and to conduct a study for the proposal and implementation of additional impact fees for transportation systems, drainage systems and public safety facilities. Both resolutions passed unanimously.

 Other actions were routine except for an ordinance changing the zoning for an existing mobile home community to permit it to become a condominium community. This was held over from a prior City Council meeting, and there was much discussion before an agreement was made.  The ordinance passed.

Marnie Leverett

LWV of Greater Las Cruces