APRIL 17, 2006

 The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mattiace with all Councilors present. During his remarks, prior to the agenda items, the Mayor asked the City Manager to start work on a master plan for preserving the vistas of the Organ Mountains and also the area of land out by Mesa Grande. His concern is that, since Senator Domenici's bill for Congress which would make the area around the Organ Mountains a National Wilderness Area, has become bogged down, we need to take local steps to ensure that it remain protected against further development.

 The first order of business was a resolution authorizing the City to accept a State of New Mexico Economic Development Department Joint Powers Agreement to fund a 2004 Legislative appropriations grant for Downtown revitalization planning. This passed unanimously.

 Other important business involved a land transfer for a company called Rocket Racing, Inc., which wants to build its headquarters in the West Side Industrial Park and also some hangars in the airport adjacent to the property. This is such an innovative concept that there was a considerable amount of discussion. In the end, the three items on the agenda which dealt with this concept and company all passed unanimously.

Marnie Leverett

LWV of Greater Las Cruces