APRIL 3, 2006

 The meeting was called to order promptly at 1:00. All Councilors were present.

 During comment from the Councilors, Councilor Frietze referred to a letter he got from the League of Women Voters regarding their effort to unify polling places used in the city, county and school elections. City Manager Moore explained that he, too, had received such a letter, had talked to the City Clerk about it and an explanation would soon be forthcoming.

 The first resolution on the agenda was a bit controversial. State money appropriated for renovation of the East Side Community Center was being transferred to the down-town revitalization area. It was explained that the money was left over after the appropriate work was done at the East Side Center and that the state had authorized that it be transferred in this manner. The resolution passed.

 A bid for achieving the first phase of the Main Street renovation was approved by the Councilors, with Steve Trowbridge voting no. It was pointed out that the money is coming from several different sources.

Marnie Leverett