OCTOBER 3, 2005

 The meeting was called to order with all Councilors present, at 1:00 sharp. Several items were removed from the consent agenda for discussion. One of them was a resolution of intent of the City to join and actively participate in the formation of the South Central Regional Transit District which will work to develop a sustainable regional public transit system for the area. It was approved unanimously.

 There was heavy discussion on a resolution authorizing the City to enter into an agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration to build an air traffic control tower at the airport. The general feeling was that, though the airport is still on the small side for a control tower, it will be growing in the years to come and we will certainly need one soon. This resolution passed unanimously.

 Other business included setting a time line for negotiations at the airport for a lease for the restaurant and approving the issuance of a waiver of church/school distance restrictions for a restaurant license (beer and wine only) at Phoenicia Restaurant on University Ave.,

Marnie Leverett

LWV of Greater Las Cruces