AUGUST 1, 2005

 The meeting was called to order with all Councilors present, at 2:00 instead of the usual 1:00. Since it was to be a long meeting anyway, most of the Councilors did not comment during their usual discussion period. Councilor Trowbridge, however, did try to get approval for getting a vote for or against opening Main Street at the Downtown Mall on the November ballot. This was turned down by County Clerk Shirley Clark who said such a proposal must be on the agenda two weeks prior to a vote and by Councilor Frietze who said it was out of order. None the less, Councilor Trowbridge asked for a show of hands by the Council members to see if there was a consensus that such a thing should occur. There was no consensus and the Mayor moved on with this heavy agenda.

 After approval of the consent agenda, the first discussion was a long presentation by the Planner for the downtown revitalization on Phase 1 of the plan. Following the presentation there was a great deal of public input, both for and against. The major points were that everyone agreed that the downtown mall needed improvements, but there was a strong minority who wanted to keep Main Street closed to vehicular traffic. Approval of the plan was finally made.

 There followed several ordinances having to do with the revisions to the City Charter. Those also all passed.

 Finally, a resolution repealing the current law on fireworks and approving a new law which bans the use, sale or possession of all ground audible and aerial fireworks was passed.

 Under unfinished business, the Council decided not to award a second, one-year extension of a contract for purchase of herbicides to Helena Chemical of Mesquite. They did, however, approve the sale of the last salable piece of property in the Branigan Estate Trust. The money from that sale will become part of the Branigan Trust, from which the interest is used for the purchase of new books for the Public Library.

Marnie Leverett

LWV of Greater Las Cruces