MAY 16, 2005

 The meeting was called to order with all Councilors present, except for Jose Frietze, who came in shortly after the meeting started. Mayor Mattiace mentioned at the beginning that this would be an important meeting because of the approval of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. He reminded the audience that the budget was driven by the strategic plan, completed last September, and that the strategic plan was guided by much citizen input and discussion. He also pointed out that, since the budget was presented and discussed in numerous public meetings and on televised occasions, that it was part of the consent agenda on today's meeting plan. However, one person in the audience asked that it be removed and so it was handled separately. The audience member's questions were answered to her satisfaction and the budget was passed unanimously without further discussion.

 Other issues open for discussion before voting included the giving of notice for bids for the sale of joint utility revenue bonds, a resolution authorizing the city staff to apply for a technical assistance grant from the U.S. E.P.A. on implementing community goals that reflect the principles of smart growth, and a resolution authorizing the City of Las Cruces to participate in the summer food service program for children.

 Several issues involving impact fees, particularly those collected for parks, were discussed and were passed unanimously. They will allow the current impact fees to continue to be collected prior to the expected new parks plan's completion and prior to an updated land use assumptions plan.

Marnie Leverett

League of Women Voters