APRIL 4, 2005

 All Councilors were present when the meeting was called to order by Mayor Mattiace. A resolution approving the 2005 action plan for the City was approved and submitted to HUD. Funding has been cut for this program, so that not all applicants were included in the plan, and several of the applicants will not get the funding they requested.

 The water conservation program, introduced some time ago, was formally adopted by the Council.

 A matter of much interest and discussion was the introduction of an ordinance repealing sections of the urban drainage articles in the Las Cruces Municipal Code. The City Council indicated that in certain cases ? where new development will be spanning arroyos which might be used as part of a trail system or for other landscaping purposes ? the City may share the expense, heretofore assumed totally by the developer, of building a bridge over the arroyo. It was emphasized that the City will never pay more than 50% of the cost, and that each case will be analyzed separately and individually.

Marnie Leverett

League of Women Voters