MARCH 28 2005

 This was the second of a series of special general meetings of the City Council called expressly for dealing with issues of land use such as zoning changes and subdivision approval. All members of the City Council were present.

 Because this was not a regular meeting, it was not televised. There was also no opportunity for public comment. All other procedures of a regular Council session were included, such as the opening ceremonies and the use of a consent agenda. 

A fairly knotty problem was first on the agenda. It concerned zoning changes for a neighborhood that was annexed into the City after being developed according to county requirements. In this particular neighborhood, in Hacienda Acres, some multi-family dwellings were permitted to be built as legal, non-conforming structures in an area presently zoned for single family medium density building. Part of the ordinance would approve a zone change for the whole neighborhood, but another possible solution, an ordinance to permit one more multi-family dwelling to be built was introduced. It was decided to make that into a separate issue, and the merits and problems of that decision were discussed at length. Finally, permission was granted to build the one building, but the Council decided to table the neighborhood rezoning once again.

 A parcel of land off Mesa Grande Drive was annexed into the city and a master plan for moderately priced homes was approved.

 Several other annexations and zoning changes were approved for development on the east mesa.

 One request for a change in zoning so that a larger apartment building could be fitted into a parcel of land on Kent Drive (near the University) was turned down. The Councilors felt that it would change the nature of the neighborhood too much.

Marnie Leverett

League of Women Voters