MARCH 7, 2005

 The Mayor called the meeting to order with all Councilors present. The order of events in the agenda has changed recently. The Mayor and the City Councilors have a chance to speak on general areas of information near the beginning of the meeting.  Among the Councilors' comments was one to urge citizens to call their Councilors if they wished to report a codes violation. This would enable the Councilor to relay the message to the Codes Department, leaving the caller anonymous. The other was an appeal to all citizens to call in potholes to the City in an effort to keep up with repairing them.

 Councilor Frietze mentioned that he would like to see a nuisance ordinance that would address sub-standard mobile homes and mobile home parks.

 Of prime interest to the League was a resolution authorizing the City of Las Cruces to enter into an agreement with the Trust for Public Land to provide technical assistance regarding the preservation of open space and park lands within the city limits. The resolution was passed unanimously.

Marnie Leverett

League of Women Voters