JANUARY 18, 2005


All members of the City Council were present. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mattiace. The agenda was relatively short this week. The first order of business had to do with mediation settlements with the Doņa Ana Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association for new development on the East Mesa. Unfortunately, negotiations are still underway and the resolution was tabled. The second issue discussed was a lease re-negotiation by the City of Las Cruces for the SOLO building, now vacant. The City wanted to extend the lease for ten years. Councilor Frietze felt that it would be better to have a shorter lease and suggested five years. The resolution passed anyway. The Council unanimously adopted a resolution approving an agreement between the Department of the Army and the City of Las Cruces for a study of drainage systems and dams on the East Mesa. This is a very far reaching and interesting study aimed at supporting natural drainage arroyos wherever possible and preserving the integrity of the arroyo systems.


A resolution approving a contract between the City and Greenhouse, Inc., to build a small park commemorating the Mesquite Historical District at the corner of Tornillo and Spruce Street, was passed. It will make a scenic attraction in that area.


Other business was routine.

Marnie Leverett

League of Women Voters