The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mattiace with all Councilors present.

 The first three items on the agenda were resolutions authorizing the City Manager to sign agreements for providing specified City services such as police and traffic control to various entities responsible for City-wide festivals: specifically, the Mariachi Conference, the Renaissance Craftfaire and the Rio Grande Marathon  As happens every year, the question came up as to whether this is a violation of the anti-donation clause. Apparently it is not, but this year, Councilor Strain asked the City to seriously consider paying for those services out of the lodgers' tax, not from the general fund. All three were finally approved but it was noted that a change should be considered next year.

 A resolution was considered and passed that provided for the establishment of a separate fund for the net proceeds of the MMC lease and revenue from the termination of the hospital lease with MMCI and  which restricts the use of that fund to health related programs and health related capital projects.

 The major business of the meeting revolved around an ordinance proposed by a Citizens' Advisory Group to restrict the selling and use of certain fireworks within the city limits. The discussion lasted about two hours. In the end, the ordinance was tabled to allow more discussion among Councilors and which would add to the ordinance a shortening of the period around the 4th of July when fireworks could be sold and used and permit only persons 18 and over to purchase fireworks. It was not clear to this observer how much the rest of the ordinance would change from the one suggested today.

 Marnie Leverett