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The name of the organization shall be Southern New Mexico Common Cause Governing Board (SNMCC).  Its mission is statement is “Citizens working to end special interest politics and reform government ethics.”


The purposes of the SNMCC are to make and keep our governmental institutions responsive, accountable and honest; to lobby the New Mexico congressional delegation, state legislators and local government officials for CC/SNMCC issues; and to operate in accordance with and by the power vested in it by the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Common Cause (CC) and Common Cause/New Mexico (CC/NM).



General members of the SNMCC are those CC members who live in New Mexico Congressional District 2.


A.     General Powers and Responsibilities – The GB has the power and responsibility to establish the objectives and methods; and to manage and conduct the affairs of the SNMCC.

B.     Membership – The GB membership shall be limited to 27.  The GB shall elect eighteen regular members for three-year staggered terms.  Seven members may be appointed to at-large positions for a term of 1 year.  The CC/NM State Chair and New Mexico members of the National Governing Board shall be members of the GB automatically.

1.      Vacancies – GB vacancies may be filled by the GB for the unexpired term of the office.

2.      Removal – Members may be removed as provided for in the removal of officers in the CC/NM Governance Plan.

C.     Elections

1.      Nominations – Nominations to the GB shall be solicited from the SNMCC general membership.  Current members of the GB shall be nominated at their request. 

2.      Election – The election will be conducted by the GB as the first order of  business of the annual meeting.  The six persons receiving the most votes shall be elected.  At-large members may be nominated and elected following the election of regular members.  The newly elected regular and at-large members shall take office immediately.

D.     Officers – Officers of the GB shall be Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer.  Their terms shall begin following the GB annual meeting at which they are elected.

1.      Election – The Nominating Committee shall present nominations for officers immediately following the validation of the election of GB members. 

2.      Duties and Authorities – The officers shall have the duties and authorities enumerated in the Parliamentary Authority. 

3.      Vacancies – In the event the Vice-Chairperson or Secretary is unable to continue in office the GB shall replace that officer by election for the remainder of that officer’s term at the ensuing regular or special GB meeting. 

4.      Removal – GB members and officers may be removed from membership/office for those valid reasons and by the procedures enumerated in the CC/NM Governance Plan and the Parliamentary Authority.

E.      Meetings

1.      Meeting Schedule – Regular meetings of the SNMCC shall be held monthly.  The annual meeting shall be held in August.  Special and emergency meetings may be called by a majority of a quorum of the Executive Committee or by the Chairperson and may include by-phone, by-mail and by-e-mail meetings.  An agenda and copies or summaries of matters on the agenda for regular and special meeting shall be mailed or e-mailed to members not less than one week prior to the meeting date.  Agendas and minutes of emergency meetings shall be provided to SGC members not later than two weeks after the meeting.

2.      Meeting Place – The location of SGC meetings may be at any place within CD 2, New Mexico where suitable accommodations are available and where it is likely that a quorum may be obtained.

3.      Open meetings – Meetings of the SNMCC and its committees are open to the public.  Regular and committee meeting shall be conducted in accordance with the Parliamentary Authority. 

4.      Annual Meeting - The annual meeting shall be held in August             coincident with the regular August SNMCC meeting.  SNMCC members shall be invited to attend and participate as consulting and advisory members to the GB.

5.      Voting - Voting will be conducted in accordance with the Parliamentary Authority as modified by the CC/NM Governance Plan.

F.      Committees – The Executive Committee consisting of the elected officers and the immediate past Chairperson shall be a standing committee.  Ad hoc committees may be appointed as provided in the Parliamentary Authority and the CC/NM Governance Plan.

G.     Parliamentary Authority - Sturgis’ “Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure” shall govern the procedural and organizational affairs of the SNMCC not provided for in this governance plan, the CC/NM Governance Plan, its adopted rules and the CC Bylaws.

H.     This governance plan shall become effective upon the vote of a majority of the members of the GB present at a regular meeting.

ARTICLE V – AMENDMENTS – This governance plan may be amended or replaced upon the motion of any GB member by a majority vote of a quorum of the GB at a regular meeting provided that the written call to meet must include a copy of the amendment or replacement.