JULY 20, 2006

 Attending:  María Sylva-Sutton & Lynn Ellins, Co-Chairs; Judy Baker, Sid Goddard, Vicky Harder, Connie Lee, Melinda Shipley, Felicia Ybarra.  Absent:  David Lutz,  Guest:  Bob Hearn, Media Specialist/Recording Secretary;

 This meeting focused on preparations for the Panel’s first meeting with the public, Saturday, 7/22.  PM’s discussed and edited a list of questions, prepared by Co-Chair Ellins, that would be asked of attendees who did not want to speak publicly.  One page of questions is directed to voters; another to those who have served as poll workers or presiding judges, or both.  Consensus was that information would be solicited only in regard to recent elections (2004 to the 2006 Primary).

 Co-Chairs Ellins and Sylva-Sutton reported on their meeting with the full staff of the Bureau of Elections and the Clerk’s Office.  Most of the employees seemed to respond positively to the assurances from the Chairs that the Panel was not serving as “lynching Inquisitors,” out to get the County Clerk or Chief of the Bureau of Elections, but to seek information that would lead to more efficient elections in DAC. Employees were told that the interviews would be voluntary and totally confidential. 

 Cecilia Madrid, Deputy County Clerk, told the PM’s afterward that she would consent to be interviewed and would encourage all staff members to do so.

 The Panel then proceeded to the discussion of the questions that would be asked in these interviews and the manner in which they would be asked.  The Panel divided itself into 4 teams, 3 consisting of one Democrat and one Republican; 1 consisting of one Democrat, one Republican and the only Independent on the Panel.  Dates of the interviews were discussed; team members will decide when they will interview the 4-5 employees, which will be assigned to them. (Assuming that all employees consent to be interviewed.) 

 Ellins will present these dates/times to the County Manager and County Clerk to ask that employees be released for the 45-60 minutes that may be required for an interview.  These interviews should be completed by 4 August to give time for the compiling of data before the September deadline.

 Extensive discussion centered on the selection/evaluation of poll workers.

Johnnie R. Aldrich

LWV of Greater Las Cruces