Duties of the Charter Review Committee

 1.   Receive completed Charter Review Forms from members of the City Council, members of the public, and interested organizations.

 2.   Hold public meetings, covering each charter section, to receive testimony.

 3.   For each person giving testimony, ask:

     a.   Can you give us reasons why the language of this section of the charter should NOT be changed?

      b.   Please describe any problems you see, or have experienced, with the language of this section or with the application of this section in practice.

      c.   How would you revise the language of this section to correct the problems you see or the problems you have encountered?

      d.   What justification for your proposed revision would you offer to convince voters that your proposed revision is in their best interest to adopt?

      e.   May we list your name and telephone number on our charter review form as the submitter of this proposed revision?

 4.   Use the answers given in testimony to complete a Charter Review Form.

 5.   Achieve consensus on a recommendation for each charter section.

 6.   Recommend whether (a) each proposed revisions should be voted upon individually, (b) whether related proposed revisions should be grouped together and each group voted upon individually, or (c) whether all proposed revisions should be voted upon as a single block.

 7.   By June 6, 2005, submit recommendations for each charter section and recommendations on how proposed revisions should appear on the ballot.