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Home Rule Charter

for the City of

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Set out herein is the Home Rule Charter for the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico, as approved by the electorate on March 5, 1985. A history note in parentheses following a section indicates the section has been amended by the legislation enumerated in the note. Words contained in brackets [ ] have been included by the editor for clarity. Obvious misspellings have been corrected without notation. For stylistic purposes, a uniform system of headings, catchlines and citations to state statutes has been used. Additions made for clarity are indicated by brackets.

State law references: Municipal charters, NMSA 1978, 3-15-3 – 3-15-16


Table of Contents for the City Charter

Article I.  Incorporation and Powers

Section 1.01. Municipal corporation and powers

Section 1.02. Construction

Sec. 1.03.  Additional powers of the city

Sec. 1.04. Boundaries

Sec. 1.05.  Limitation on powers

Article II: City Council

Sec. 2.01.  Composition, eligibility, election and terms, districts,

boundaries and revisions

Sec. 2.02. Salary’ expenses

Sec 2.03. Mayor; mayor pro tem.

Sec. 2.04.  General powers and duties

Sec. 2.05. Prohibitions

Sec. 2.06. Vacancies; forfeiture of office; filling of vacancies.

Sec. 2.07. Certification of elections.

Sec. 2.08.  Procedure

Sec. 2.09. Action requiring an ordinance.

Sec. 2.10.  Ordinances and resolutions

Sec. 2.11.  Emergency ordinances

Sec. 2.12.  Codes of technical regulations

Sec. 2.13.  Authentication and recording; codification; distribution.

Sec. 2.14.  Establishment of boards, commissions, authorities

and agencies

Article III. City Manager

Sec. 3.01.  Appointment; qualifications; removal.

Sec. 3.02.  Powers and duties

Article VI: Administration

Sec. 4.01.  General provisions

Sec. 4.02. Personnel system.

Sec. 4.03. City Attorney

Sec. 4.04.  City clerk

Sec. 4.05.  Citizen complaints

Article V.  Financial Procedures

Sec. 5.01.  Fiscal year

Sec. 5.02.  Submission of budget and budget message

Sec. 5.03.  Budget message

Sec. 5.04.  Budget

Sec. 5.05.  Capital improvements program

Sec. 5.06.  Council action on budget and capital improvements


Sec. 5.07.  Public records

Sec. 5.08.  Amendments after adoption

Sec. 5.09.  Independent audit

Sec. 5.10.  Procurement

Sec. 5.11.  Investment of public funds

Article VI. Planning

Sec. 6.01.  Planning authority

Sec. 6.02.  Comprehensive plan

Sec. 6.03.  Use of comprehensive plan

Article VII.  City Elections

Sec. 7.01.  Elections

Sec. 7.02.  Nominations

Sec. 7.03.  Ballots

Sec. 7.04.  Watchers and challengers

Sec. 7.05.  Determination of election results

Sec. 7.06.  Ballots for ordinances, Charter amendments and

Charter repeal

Sec. 7.07.  Voting procedures

Article VIII.  Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Sec. 8.01.  General authority

Sec. 8.02.  Commencement of proceedings; petitioners'

committee; affidavit

Sec. 8.03. Petitions

Sec. 8.04.  Procedure after filing

Sec. 8.05.  Referendum petitions; time for filing;

suspension of effective ordinances

Sec. 8.06.  Initiative petitions; action by council

Sec. 8.07.  Recall petitions

Sec. 8.08.  Action on petitions

Sec. 8.09.  Results of election

Article IX.  Municipal Court

Sec. 9.01.  Jurisdiction; powers; duties

Sec. 9.02.  Municipal judges

Sec. 9.03. Qualification; bond; salary

Sec. 9.04.  Temporary incapacity or absence

Sec. 9.05.  Counsel for indigents

Article X.  General Provisions

Sec. 10.01.  Repeal of certain existing laws

Sec. 10.02.  Existing ordinances and resolutions

Sec. 10.03.  Duration of existing ordinances and resolutions

Sec. 10.04.  Rights and property

Sec. 10.05.  Severability

Sec. 10.06.  Existing contracts and franchises

Sec. 10.07.  Civil and criminal actions or proceedings

Sec. 10.08.  Repeal and amendment of Charter

Sec. 10.09.  Ballots and notices, English and Spanish

Sec. 10.10.  Conflict of interest

Article XI.  Transitional Provisions

Sec. 11.01.  Schedule of implementation

Sec. 11.02.  Expenses and salaries

Sec. 11.03.  Schedule

Sec. 11.04.  Municipal judge

Sec. 11.05.  Initial petition requirements