MARCH 28, 2006

 Commissioners Curry, Evans, McCamley, and Saldana-Caviness were present, commissioner Butler absent.

 A presentation on the community of Chamberino was made by Myra Franco and Denise Terrazas, members of the Chamberino Youth Group.  They have done a lot of the ground work and are asking the county to join them in their quest for a Chamberino Multipurpose Center.  The Commission was very complimentary of their involvement in the betterment of their community.

 Keith Whelpley and Jerry McDonald made presentations on the dinosaur-fossil fields in the Robledo Mountains.  They characterized the fields as the premier site in the world for the trackways.  There is a Paleozoic Pathways Foundation that is working to protect the site from looting and destruction.  Greg Bloom from Sen. Bingaman's office said they are looking at legislation to do just that.  Other people spoke on issues such as keeping the site open for public access, using it for educational purposes, making it a National Park, and putting a visitor's center in Radium Springs.  While no specific plans were made, the Commission approved a resolution in support of a Federal/State/Local partnership to protect the site.

 One of the items originally on the consent agenda was for cancellation of the RFP for the sale of five county buildings (the result of moving to their new quarters).  This item was pulled for discussion and a decision was made to accept the existing highest bids for the courthouse and the property on Boutz.  A consent agenda consisting of 13 varied items was then passed.

 Other action included approval of a subdivision plat for Westwind Subdivision in Chaparral and approval of the transfer of a liquor license to Circle K Stores.

Charlie Welch

Southern NM Common Cause


LWV of Greater Las Cruces