OCTOBER 25, 2004

 All five commissioners were present.

 Christopher Erickson, an Associate Professor at NMSU, made a presentation on his study “The Economic Impact of a Proposed Jemez Pueblo Casino in Anthony, New Mexico on Dona Ana County, New Mexico:  Income, Employment and Tax Revenues.”    Commission Chairman Gilbert Apodaca initially asked Mr. Erickson to trim his presentation from the requested 20 minutes to 10 minutes.  This study refuted some of the benefits claimed by a pro-casino group at the previous commission meeting on October 13, 2004.  After a shortened presentation Chairman Apodaca told Mr. Erickson that he could have the time he needed.  Commissioner Evans stated that it was unfair to have initially requested Mr. Erickson to limit his presentation to half the time allotted to the pro-casino group.  Many unanswered questions remain on the basic issue of casino benefits.

 A resolution was passed formally establishing the Doņa Ana County Internal Audit Review Committee.  Commissioners Oscar Vasquez-Butler and Paul Curry were appointed to that committee.

 Approval was granted for the county to obtain environmental insurance coverage.  Prior to this the County has had no such insurance.

 A resolution declaring a disaster area along Dripping Springs Road was passed.  This allows the county to apply to the state for emergency funds.  With such funding the County pays 25% of cost for the projects.

 Other business included authorization for county staff to negotiate a transfer of ownership of the Doņa Ana Village Wastewater Conveyance Project from the county to the Doņa Ana County Mutual Domestic Water Consumers' Association.

Charlie Welch

Common Cause