Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

         Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001


        Members Attending: (12)


      Mary Ballard, Phil Banks, John Bloom, Alex Burr, Lynn Ellins, Steve Fischmann, Dolores Halls, Woodie Jenkins, Jim Kadlecek, John Lazaruk, Mike McCamley and Tamie Smith.


      Members Not Attending: (6)


      Gus Bigelow, Steve Carter, Rose Garcia, Ron Gurley, Vicki Simons and Charles Welch..


  Mrs Jenkins  and Don Kurtz.


1.    Call to Order: Lynn Ellins called the meeting to order at 11:45 AM.

 .2.    Approval of February Meeting Minutes:

 The March 2007 meeting minutes, as amended, were approved by voice vote.

 3.   Announcements: None.

 4.    Projects:

 A.     Board of County Commissioners – (Lynn Ellins) During the last meeting of the DAC Commissioners the announcement was made about Spaceport Tax passing the election. They also urged the acceptance of the annexation issue. (Steve Fischmann) recommended that public input to this issue (annexation and development) be allowed.

B.     City Council – (Steve Fischmann) Emails were said / portrayed to slow down the process and allow public input. The staff and presenters were defensive and public input SHOULD be allowed. (Tamie Smith) added that the legal issue was to be challenged by the review of the whole matter by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office. She added that Councilor Ken Miyagishima sent out an email requesting a review.

C.     Board of Education (LCPS Board) (Phil Banks) It is too early to tell if the Board has changed due to the two newly elected members.  There was a lot of discussion about reproductive services. The Board voted unanimously to use the Health Care Clinics to dispense condoms in order to prevent unwanted births with an opt-out provision.

D..    NMSU Board of Regents – (John Bloom) See Attached Report. The Report concerns what the press (SUN~NEWS) didnt get or cover. After the meeting itself John Bloom tried to feel-out the new President, Laura Coniff,. She will apparently continue in the same manner saying, in regards to right way to record closed meetings, that “we always do that.” (Mary Ballard) Asked if the Regents offered any reason for the increase in Tuition. None was given. It passed by a vote of four to one. Steve Anaya was the only one in opposition to the increase. (Jim Kadlecek) Productivity is not brought up and is never discussed by the Regents. In the same regard, cost-control isn’t brought up or discussed either.

5State Board Meeting:  None

6. New Business: (Don Kurtz) He spoke on the annexation and development as they were discussed at the City Council’s Work Session. Procedurally the developer spent most of their time on the aspect of the annexation that concerned the acreage report that involved the annexation of 2,600 acres of land. They were not told to limit their time. The process will be followed but nothing has changed. Public input doesn’t / isn’t supposed to stop at three minutes. The State Board of Eduction questions the relationship of two elementary schools per 2,600 acres in this area [annexation and development] versus Carlsbad where ten elementary schools were set-up for the same amount of acres. They revealed nothing nor brought up anything about the Joint Plan or the Joint Meeting Plan. (Jim Kadlecek) He wanted everyone to know that the starting point for to whole thing was “State [public] Land.” He said that the point of public input was missed. The public should be a part of all projects of this nature. The public should participate on such projects. (John Bloom) He said that the need for public input was still very great. (Don Kurtz) Rules or City Ordnance(s) allow for such annexations and zoning to be consider separately. They may be presented together but considered separately. The town is intimidated. (Lynn Ellins) He stated that the matter will only be decided based upon the facts at a meeting [A quasi-legal commitment]. (Don Kurtz) A list of particulars from the State Attorney General has been requested.

7.  Old Business:

 A.     Lynn Ellins stated that the Annual Meeting with Gary King was up in the air.

 B.     Lynn Ellins stated that at the next meeting we will address public input in Meaningful and General Way. We will have a better perspective about the whole the whole procedure by then. (Tamie Smith) The size of the signs announcing the meetings on annexation and / or development should be enlarged.

 8.  Other: (Alex Burr) We have spent too much time on some matters as opposed to what we should spend it on. Spinning our wheels doesn’t do much. Ethics shortfalls needed to be covered and emphasized by a “letter to the editor.” None was sent even though it was voted on and passed by SNMCC.  Alex Burr did send a letter to the SUN~NEWS.

 9.  Next Regular Meeting:  May 16, 2007

 10.  Adjournment:  Lynn Ellins adjourned the meeting at 12:47 PM

 Respectfully Submitted,


Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary



Date Approved and Signed