Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Draft Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

         Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001

         Members Attending:

 Mary Ballard, Phil Banks, John Bloom, Alex Burr, Lynn Ellins, Woodie Jenkins, John Lasaruk, Mike McCamley, Tamie Smith and Charles Welch

           Members Not Attending:

 Jane Asche, Gus Bigelow, Steve Carter, Steve Fischmann, Rose Garcia, Ron Gurley, Delores Halls, Jim Kadlecek, Vicki Simons, and Vanessa Quiroz

1.   Call to Order:    Lynn Ellins called the meeting to order at 12:21AM.

 2.   Introductions and Agenda Approval/Changes:

 Introductions were made or all knew each other.

The meeting Agenda was then approved by voice vote.

 3.  Approval of August Meeting Minutes:

 The August meeting minutes as amended were approved by voice vote.

 4.  Projects:

 A.     City Council – Tamie Smith

         Tamie Smith stated that an approved resolution for the SW corner of NMSU includes / is for the Convention Center. John Lasaruk stated that the NMSU architectural plan has a Convention Center in the same place (SW Corner). John Bloom said the NMSU President said the same thing about a convention center.

            B.     NMSU Regents  (John Bloom) (See attached report)

         John Bloom stated that President Anya said the Regents have been doing things right all along as a reply to SNMCC about their “Closed Meetings.”

         Public input at the Regents meetings may be changed.

        The renaming of the DABC should be the best for NMSU as far as all Community Colleges (belonging to NMSU) are concerned [as quoted from the former President of the Regents]. There was a point made that all aspects should be one as far as Community Colleges go (belonging to NMSU). They should be an integral part of NMSU. [This approach seems to be a Business Approach.]

         Lynn Ellins stated that SNMCC will pursue the Regent’s Open Meetings Act Litigation per FOG.

 C.  Dona Ana County – (Charles Welch)

         The Board of Commissioners addressed the Elections Committee at one of their meetings.

         Rita Torres stated to the Commissioners that she is independent of them due to the fact that the position is elected.

         The FBI thinks the Sheriff’s Department is 40 positions below what they should have. The Department is actually 13 positions below what they are authorized. It appears that the Sheriff’s Department may not be getting what they should from the new dollars from the new Tax.

 D.     Las Cruces School Board - Phil Banks 

 The next meeting of the LCSB is scheduled for August 8, 2006.

 E.     ETZ Commission and/or P&Z - Lynn Ellins

         The Commission will address the Vado zoning of five (5) acres minimum on July 27, 2006. Tamie Smith stated that the Northern part of the county does not want the ETZ or the P&Z process at all.

 5.  New Business

 A.     Alex Burr stated that the SNMCC WEB site has been updated and the new reports are on it.

 B.     Woodie Jenkins addressed what was not a Common Cause project (as stated by Alex Burr). He addressed the new County Tax Proposal.  According to the New Mexico Director of the Municipal League, they should change what it says to all business in the “county-area” to include the four (4) incorporated cities and towns in the County.  It might take legislation. (Legislation may be in the offing.) Then Attorney General should be asked to rule it legal / rule on it.

 C.     BUDGET TASK FORCE – Charlie Welch and Woodie Jenkins.

The county isn’t recovered form the move at this time. The Sheriff’s Department not getting what is due to them from the new tax money depends on what was actually said in the Budget. A copy of the Budget et al must be researched to see the exact wording pertaining to this matter.

 D.    Commissioner Evans (DAC) will address SNMCC on Public Financing at the next Board Meeting

 E.     Annexation The City of Las Cruces is addressing the subject of Annexation in the Council Chambers at 3:00 today.  The P&Z will address the matter at the July 24, 2006 meeting,

 6.  Old Business

 Election Committee

         There have been two (2) meeting of the Election Committee. Currently the Committee members are currently interviewing the staff members of the Elections Bureau.  All Members of the Election Committee seem to be getting along.

         There is a separate individual that is an Administrative Assistant to the Committee.  He, the Administrative Assistant, will set up a WEB page for the Committee.  

 7. Next Regular Meeting:  August 16, 2006

 8. Adjournment:  Lynn Ellins adjourned the meeting at 1:28 PM


Respectfully Submitted,



Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary



Date Approved and Signed