Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

         Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001

         Members Attending: 

 Alex Burr, John Bloom, Lynn Ellins, Delores Halls, Woodie Jenkins, Mike McCamley, Vicki Simons, and Tamie Smith

           Members Not Attending:

 Jane Asche, Mary Ballard, Phil Banks, Gus Bigelow, Steve Carter, Mary Ann Digman, Rose Garcia, Ron Gurley, Jim Kadlecek, Vanessa Quiroz, and Charles Welch

 1.   Call to Order:    Lynn Ellins called the meeting to order at  11:48 AM..

 2.   Introductions and Agenda Approval/Changes:

 Introductions were made or all knew each other.

 Alex Burr will present in the New Business Section at #7 below.


The meeting Agenda, as amended, was then approved by voice vote.

 4.  Approval of October Meeting Minutes:

 The October meeting minutes, as amended, were approved by voice vote.

5.  Projects:

 AMMC -  No Report

 B.  City Council -  No Report       

C. City Charter and Candidates Election – Election was held and the results are available by reporting in the SUN~NEWS.

 D.  NMSU Regents – John Bloom

See the attached letter by John Bloom. The regents are concerned about the meeting routine. Lynn Ellins stated that he received a letter from the NMSU Regents attorney stating that all was “in - compliance” concerning the Regent’s meetings The matter was addressed at the state meeting and SNMCC has decided to take legal action. He moved to write a letter to the Regent’s attorney. It was discussed and then it was moved that a letter would be drafted then SNMCC would send the letter to the NMSU attorney. It was  seconded and passed by voice vote. John Bloom asked if the New Mexico State Attorney General should be asked for action and an opinion. Lynn Ellins replied that the State AG would most like not act but may give an opinion. The State Common Cause supports this action. We also may also have a FOG action but we have to be a member of the organization. Jim Kadlecek will follow-up with FOG. Alex Burr commented that maybe documentation would help with any legal action.

 E.  Dona Ana County - No Report

 F.  Las Cruces School Board - No Report.

 G. Added item - Lynn Ellins stated the there would be an ETZ Authority item concerning a variance to codes for about 15 subdivisions that have already been built within the buffer zone to the Las Cruces Airport. Conditions will be sought and a re-write of the subject ordinance will be planned. The MPO and the ETZ Authority are at odds. Vicki Simons stated the we should monitor the MPO as well as the ETZ and the ETZ Authority.

6.   Report on last State Board Meeting - Lynn Ellins reported that the New Mexico Common Cause was heavily involved in the Public Finance of candidates for office in Albuquerque City elections. National Personnel were watching and will use the positive results of this issues during the election as an example of what can be done. New Mexico, as a state, may take similar action for the whole state. The State Common Cause will promote the statewide interest in the Model City Council program. (Attention should be given to Rule-Writing as a follow-up action.) Alex Burr stated that the New Mexico Common Cause is participating in the writing and re-writing of the Gov’s manual with the current Secretary of Finance investigation, resignation and scandal. John Bloom commented that the Law requiring a Voter ID for everyone desiring to vote in the election is a Common Cause issue.  Common Cause’s issue concerns the Law and its support, if there is a Law. Lynn Ellins presented a year’s summary of SNMCC.

 6Progress Voters Alliance meeting - Tamie Smith gave a report on the PVA meeting. The Legislators presented themselves and then questions were asked. Healthcare was the most talked about issue. About 150 people attended the meeting.

 7.  New Business - Alex Burr gave a report on the Healthcare Forum. The forum was held in part to raise awareness. The Greater Las Cruces LOWV has a WEB address concerning the Healthcare  forum= Lynn Ellins brought up the annual meeting. The Best Western Conference Center price was right and the planning for speakers and other items. He presented a list of possible speakers to get things rolling. We should PLAN (well) for the SNMCC Annual meeting. Delores Halls added that the AAUW and the LOWV were working together on a grant concerning valid voting machines. The NAACP, Common Cause and others were cosponsoring this action. It was moved to join with other organizations sponsoring this voting initiative. Discussion took place and it was moved, seconded and passed by voice vote to join with the other organizations in cosponsoring this initiative.

   8.  Old Business - Lynn Ellins stated the letter to the Mayor of Las Cruces concerning the Downtown Mall was pulled because it put SNMCC in the “middle” of the matter.

   9. Next Regular Meeting:  Undetermined at this time.

 10. Adjournment:  Lynn Ellins adjourned the meeting at 1:04 PM

 Respectfully Submitted,

Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary



Date Approved and Signed