Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

         Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001

         Members Attending:                                                                                                                                                                                 

 Mary Ballard, John Bloom, Alex Burr, Steve Carter, Lynn Ellins, Delores Halls, Woodie Jenkins, Jim Kadlecek, Mike McCamley, Vicki Simons and Tamie Smith.

           Members Not Attending:

 Phil Banks, Jane Asche, Gus Bigelow, Mary Ann Digman, Rose Garcia, Ron Gurley, Vanessa Quiroz and Charles Welch


 Marnie Leverett

 1.   Call to Order:    Jim Kadlecek called the meeting to order at 11:52 AM.

 2.   Introductions and Agenda Approval/Changes:

 Introductions were made or all knew each other.  The meeting Agenda was approved by voice vote.

 3.  Approval of June Meeting Minutes:

 A copy of the June minutes was not available for approval.

4.  Projects:

             A.     MMC - Jim Kadlecek

See Attached (Enclosure 1) Correspondence between SNMCC (Jim Kadlecek) and DAC Manger (Brian Haines).

 He explained the attached correspondence between SNMCC, Jim Kadlecek, the County Manager - DAC, Brian Haines, who is the DAC member on the Board of Trustees of MMC, and the CEO of MMC, Paul Herzog. He also stated that he had an appointment to meet with Brian Haines.  Information will continue to be gathered concerning MMC.

             B.  City Charter - Woodie Jenkins

 -   See attached Enclosure 2 on the five proposed changes to the City Charter.

 -  The first reading of the City Charter Committee Report was on July 18, 2005. An additional ‘Minority Report’ was submitted.

     - Five possible changes to the City Charter are in Las Cruces City Council bill 06-011.  SNMCC and the Las Cruces LOWV are planning to sponsor a forum in September on the proposed changes to the Las Cruces City Charter.  Additional changes to the November Vote must be ready by August 1st.  There always can be an ordinance or bill proposed by the City Council but there is little change that this will come about.  They five committee developed changes to the City Charter (to be on the November ballot) will be discussed on August 15th by the City Council.

 C. NMSU Regents – John Bloom

       See Attached Report (Enclosure 3) of the July 19th NMSU Regents meeting.  The Regents discussed and evaluated the costs and expenses they create when ‘going’ to the various campuses of NMSU with all the people necessary to support a meeting. The question(s) remain as to the How, When, Where, and Whys concerning this matter,

            D.  County Issues: Charles Welch – No Report

            E.     School Board (LCPS): Phil Banks – No Report

5.  New Mexico Common Cause - Meeting in Albuquerque July 23rd

 6.  Website Update:  Alex Burr   Additions and changes to the WEB Site are ongoing.

7.  Other Business:  a. SNMCC Officer elections will be held in August. b. There was an AAUW (American Association of University Women) national meeting in June 2005 that produced a resolution on the Public and Representative nature of the Federal Communications Council. This resolution should be supported by all the members of the SNMCC as a ‘fairness’ issue. c. There is a meeting at the Serria Middle School at 5:30 PM today concerning the EPA (contamination) and the City Water Wells.

 8. Next Regular Meeting:  August 17, 2005

 9. Adjournment:  Jim Kadlecek adjourned the meeting at 1:05 PM

 Respectfully Submitted,

Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary


Date Approved and Signed