Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

        Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001

         Members Attending:                                                                                                                                                                                 

 Mary Ballard, Phil Banks, Lynn Ellins, Ron Gurley, Woodie Jenkins, Jim Kadlecek, Mike McCamley and Vicki Simons

           Members Not Attending:

 Jane Asche, Gus Bigelow, John Bloom, Alex Burr, Steve Carter, Mary Ann Digman, Rose Garcia, Delores Halls, Vanessa Quiroz, Tamie Smith and Charles Welch

 1.   Call to Order:    Jim Kadlecek called the meeting to order at 11:55 AM.

 2.   Introductions and Agenda Approval/Changes:

 Introductions were made or all knew each other.  

 The agenda was changed to allow Jon Mercurio to speak to the Board Members about the current petition to keep the City from changing the Downtown Mall (Main Street) without a vote.  The actual petition is a project delaying method to allow for it to be put to the voters on a ballet. Signatures were solicited.

 The meeting Agenda was then approved by voice vote.

 3.  Approval of July Meeting Minutes:

 The July meeting minutes were approved by voice vote

 4.  Projects:

 A.     City Charter -  Vicki Simons

There is a forum scheduled for 6:30 PM on Sep 15th in the City Council Chambers.  The City Charter Proposed changes will be discussed and explained. The changes will be on the November Ballot. The most controversial proposed change is the one concerning a Utility Board setting the Utility Rates. Publicity can be enhanced via Radio, Public Service Announcements, the Media and the instigation of some controversy.

B.     MMC - Jim Kadlecek

A meeting was held with Brian Haines, the County Manager, who is the public's representative on the Board of Trustees of MMC. He will press for some release of the rates that are charged to the uninsured for any Medical Healthcare. During the meeting the following were discussed.  * Pressure for an Ombudsman to watch over what is being charged to the uninsured and underinsured and other matters; * What Happens to the Extended Care Program after three years when the money runs out? Something is needed concerning the continuation of the Extended Care Program.

 We will continue to pursue what is in the Public’s interest and any Conflict of Interest that we see surrounding MMC.  Brian Haines and Jim Kadlecek will meet again in about a month.

 A Board discussion followed concerning Mental Health and/versus HIPA.  There is currently no data being released concerning MMC’s Agreed upon Psychiatric Unit (12 beds, fully staffed and locked).  NAMI is very concerned about this matter. There is no place, except jail, for Law Enforcement Officers to take the Seriously Mentally Ill in this area.

             C. NMSU Regents – Lynn Ellins

 Lynn Ellins and Jim Kadlecek meet with the NMSU Counsel with concerns centered around (on) the closed sessions of the NMSU Regents and the Board of Regents apparent lack of Public Input. The NMSU Counsel sits in on all closed sessions and keeps the Regents “on-track”. He will bring up the lack of specificity in the reports and the Board’s apparent lack of Public Input as presented in their reports.  They or we will hear back from the NMSU counsel or another meeting will be asked for.     

            D.  County Issues - Charles Welch – No Report

E.     School Board (LCPS): Phil Banks

All LPSB meetings are broadcast on the Public Channel of the local TV cable.

A Pre-Board meeting, closed session was supposed to discuss the Performance Development Plan for the Superintendent. No action was apparently taken. The LCSB has been notified of their violation of the Open Meetings Act and they will address it.  Reorganization has taken place.  There is a possible or appearance of a Conflict Of Interest Concerning a Board Member who works at the same company, FYI, and their connection with Charter Schools.

 5.  Report on last State Board Meeting: No Report

 6.  Website:  No Report

 7. Officer Elections:  Nominations were made (First and Second): Lynn Ellins as Chairman; Steve Carter as Vice Chairman and Mike McCamley as Secretary.  These Nominations were approved by voice vote. They were elected unanimously by voice vote

 8. Other: Ron Gurley Explained the Mental Health petition (to the New Mexico Government) for the Special Session of the Legislature. The petition is asking for State Employees, (who are) Mental Health Workers to be assigned to this area.  This includes ‘other’ outside personnel as well.

 It was discussed by the board that there is a strong probability that we, SNMCC, should/will sponsor a Legislative Reception before the Legislative Session.  This Reception would be in partnership with the LOWV.

 9. Next Regular Meeting:  September 21, 2005

 10. Adjournment:  Jim Kadlecek adjourned the meeting at 12:56 PM

 Respectfully Submitted,

 Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary

 Date Approved and Signed