Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

         Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001

         Members Attending: (10)

 P Banks, G Bigelow, M Ballard, R Gurley, W Jenkins, JM Kadlecek, M McCamley, V Simons, T Smith and C Welch

            Members Not Attending: (9)

 J Asche, J Bloom, A Burr, S Carter, MA Digman, L Ellins, R Garcia, D Halls, and V Quiroz

 Visitor Fran Clark LOWV 

1.  JM Kadlecek called the meeting to order at 11:52 AM.

 2.  A change to the Agenda was made to provide earlier reporting of the Health Security project by LOWV (paragraph #5).  Introductions were made all around.

 3.  The minutes of the SNMCC Board Meeting for September were approved as amended.   

     [Moved and seconded. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.]

 4. Projects

 A.     City Charter, Meeting w/ Mayor - (W. Jenkins)

        W Jenkins described what will is to be presented early in the work session.  A copy of this will be sent out to the board.

 B.  Other City Issues

        Was the SUN~NEWS (October 20th) figures representing one-half or the whole amount concerning the expenses for consultants for the Hospital Leasing?  A discussion followed where the answer to the above question would be requested.  Additionally the following were discussed; Gross Receipts Tax, Utilities, Food taxes, etc.

 C. MMC Issues – Lynn, Steve, Mary Ann

         An email from L Ellins indicates that he is no longer concerned with the Donation of Funds to a Public Entity in pursuing the MMC lease.


(11.) Health Security – Added as item under Other Business and moved to this sequence to allow for other appointments.


        Health security has been in existence for 12 years under different names. It is Single-Payer Health Care System. (It was described in detail.)  As it is presently it does not include Federal Retirees, Military or Native Americans under Indian Health Services.


D. County Issues - (C Welch) The Investigations (to include audits) proceeding thoroughly but slowly.

           E. NMSU Regents – (John)  No Report

 F. School Board – Phil  No report

 5.  Monitoring of Public Meetings – (w/ LOWV)

         V Simons handed out a schedule of meetings including meeting dates.  Two additions were made to this report – The NMSU Board of Regents and possibly the Workforce Investment Board that meets usually outside of Las Cruces.  (R Gurley)  MMC Questions; Profits, Charge Nursing, etc, Role of County Commission and the Las Cruces City Council, Policy on Indigent (and others) Care, and the Audit and Investigation by the State.

Information to be provided.

   6.  Website Update – (A Burr) No Report

.7.  State Annual Awards Luncheon: - Phil

         Turnout was not as good as last year.  P Banks introduced Bob Johnson from FOG.  Three awards were given. Senator Harris was there along with Max Brix.

8.  State Board Meeting Report – (A Burr)  No Report

 9.  State Runoff Amendment  - A Letter to the SUN~NEWS will be drafted and sent concerning this matter.

 10. Annual Meeting in January  Possibly hold meeting away from holidays.  Date TBA.  T Smith and possibly J Asche will talk concerning the date for the Annual Meeting.

 11.  Other Business  The LOWV report on Health Security was given above in paragraph 4. This was due to an agenda change.

 12. Next Meeting  November 17th

        Meetings will continue to be held on the third Wednesday of each month at the J.W. Flours location unless otherwise arranged

 13. Adjournment  - JM Kadlecek adjourned the meeting at 12:59 PM.

 Respectfully Submitted,

 Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary




Date Approved and Signed