Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Draft Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

         Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001

         Members Attending: (12)

 J Asche, P Banks, M Ballard, G Bigelow, A Burr, S Carter, L Ellins, R Gurley, D Halls, M McCamley, T Smith and C Welch

            Members Not Attending: (7)

 J Bloom, MA Digman, R Garcia, W Jenkins, JM Kadlecek, V Simons, and V Quiroz

 Visitor Attending; Fran Clark LOWV

 1.  P Banks called the meeting to order at 11:52 AM. 

2.  The Agenda was approved with the Constitutional Amendment #3 to be addressed during “Other Business,” item #9 below.

 3.  The minutes of the SNMCC Board Meeting for October were approved as amended for small administrative matters. [Moved and seconded. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.]

 4. Projects

 A.     City Charter - (W. Jenkins)

        Attached City Charter email report was submitted by W Jenkins. He was unable to attend the meeting and submitted his report via email. Board conversation indicated that all items that are presented to the City Charter Review Committee must be presented / entered by June to make the November (2005) election. If not, they must wait for the next Las Cruces election in two years.  It was clear that every Board Member should volunteer for the Review Committee.

 B.     MMC Issues - Lynn, Steve, Mary Ann

        An email report (attached) and additional information was submitted by MA Digman.

        A draft copy of a letter that constituted a FOIA request concerning indigent care polices and other data or information from Dona Ana County is attached.

        Concern about the amount of staffing at MMC was expressed by R Gurley.

 C. County Issues - C Welch

        An email was addressed concerning the County Commission Consent Agenda.

(Reference; Dripping Springs Area and the CC approval.)

        The owner of any property is responsible for any environmental clean-up required on his property. 

        The Commission will Co-Op with the LOWV on waste matters / reports. 

 E. NMSU Regents – J Bloom

        The last meeting was held in Alamogordo.

        The next Regents meeting will be on December 10th.

        Discussion revealed that the legal status of the “Dona Ana Branch Community College” may be in question due to the legal basis of Community Colleges in general and the overall purpose for Community Colleges.


F. School Board – P Banks    No report

 5.  Monitoring of Public Meetings – (w/ LOWV)

        Anyone who attends a public meeting should send a short, paragraph length report to V Simons who represents the LOWV. [Note; Fran Clark, LOWV, was in attendance at this meeting.]

        T Smith attended a City Council Meeting and a discussion entailed.

   6.  Website Update – A Burr

        There are now WEB sections for various reports including new sections.

.7.  Annual Meeting in late winter or early spring – Mary, Tamie and Jane

        J Asche indicated that based on experience the place for the Annual Meeting should be decided on early.  It should be affordable for those attending. It also should be bigger then the place we had last year.

        Discussion of the Annual Meeting concerned two main issues = Where and When.  The topic will be addressed at the December Board meeting.

        R Gurley suggested that Lowell Catlett be the ‘Guest Speaker.’  He is going to try to get him to commit. The subject that will be requested to be about "the future of democracy."

8.  Nominations for Officers for 2005.

        P Banks indicated that there might be some structure changes for the Officers of SNMCC.  Anyone who would be interested in serving as a SNMCC Officer should make it known.

 9.  Other Business

        A Burr led the discussion concerning New Mexico Constitutional Amendment #3. It passed during the last election.  The Las Cruces City Charter was OK to allow a Run-Off election should the need arise. The NM Legislature can extend the Run-Off provision to all elected positions such as Counties, School Boards. Etc. 

10. Next Meeting  December 15th

         Meetings will continue to be held on the third Wednesday of each month at the J.W. Flours location unless otherwise arranged

 11. Adjournment  - P Banks adjourned the meeting at 1:08 PM

 Respectfully Submitted,

 Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary


Date Approved and Signed





Date Approved and Signed