Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


        Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001


        Members Attending:                                                                                                                                                                                 

 J Asche, M Ballard, P Banks, G Bigelow, MA Digman, W Jenkins, JM Kadlecek, M McCamley, V Simons, T Smith and C Welch.

            Members Not Attending:

      A Burr, J Bloom, S Carter, R Garcia, R Gurley, D Halls and V Quiroz


1.  JM Kadlecek called the meeting to order at 11:50 AM.

 2.  No changes were made to the Agenda.  Introductions were made as appropriate.

 3.  The minutes of the SNMCC Board Meeting for May 19, 2004  were approved without changes. [Moved by W Jenkins and seconded by M Ballard. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

4. Projects

 A.     City Charter - (W Jenkins).

         There are no funds for the Model City Council project as reported by S Davis (Common Cause New Mexico in Albuquerque) via email.  The program needs to be reconfigured, if needed, in order to receive funding. Local Government students need to know what local issues are and how they are handled.  These students need to know how local government and elected officials operate.  They need a broad view as well as a look at the process and how it works. 

         SNMCC actions concerning the Las Cruces City Charter needs ground work and the effort has to be made. P Banks stated that we need a process to see if the City Charter Group needs to come together again.  P Banks and W Jenkins were designated to set up a get together (set up a meeting) on this matter.


B.  MMC Monitoring - (JM Kadlecek). He discussed the “Response to the open Meetings Request.”  Informal information revealed that there is not a signed lease as of this time.  The issues concerning what is in the lease and when will it be signed and has the public been informed about what is going on, remain unanswered along with many other questions.  We, SNMCC, need to know what is in the lease document in order to provide oversight.

Relationships of the lease to the public will be addressed in detail when the documents are finally made public (available) and they are reviewed.  The action of going to the New Mexico Attorney General about the whole situation of “role, money and oversight, etc.” was discussed.  “Oversight” appears to be the primary issue.  This is ‘Oversight’ of the entire healthcare system as far as the location and authority to expend the resources and the Who – Where – What – When and How Much, etc” of everything as far as the healthcare of citizens are concerned (indigent, uninsured and the underinsured).  The State Legislature and the Legislators need to be informed and brought into this matter.  The issue of a possible Lawsuit with outside help was discussed.  The main issue seems to be the adequacy of the medical treatment of the indigent, uninsured and the underinsured citizens.  Many commented on contacting the CEO of Province MMC, to find out how we can ensure that all people are taken care of and how those who have little are treated. It was pointed that Province has never given any reason to believe that they would not fulfill their promise to treat all equally.  Still that would be much more apparent if it was in-writing and signed, and a process of checks and balances defined and installed.  SNMCC will look at “Oversight” and involvement when the lease is finalized and after a visit to Mr. P. Herzog, CEO of MMC [Province].


C.  County Personnel - (C Welch). Currently Auditors and personnel from the Attorney General’s Office are going over the Dona Ana County Bond Policies (and other issues) in relation to the Dona Ana County Commission.  Allegations include “rolling poles” and the “undue influence of county personnel.” Many of the allegations affect policies that keep Commissioners from influencing or directly interfering with County Personnel matters.  The aspect of  “cultural” and “the way things are done around here” are real and powerful in this matter.  SNMCC will determine how to proceed and what to do when the results are available for the Auditor and the Attorney General’s Office. 

 5.  Monitoring of Public Meetings – (J Asche)

         A. City Council – No report

 B. County Commission - Above

C. NMSU Board of Regents - No Report

D. School Board – P Banks - The LCPS Supervisor appears to be “in-charge” of things and the LCPS Board appears to be “doing it right.”

 E. Housing Authority – No Report     

V Simons commented that we should coordinate with the LWV concerning the monitoring of meetings.  Both organizations should include each other’s reports regarding these meetings. The posting of the reports on WEB sites was brought up and discussed.

 Any existing lists (regarding meeting monitors) need to be updated.  “Conflict of interest” situations must be looked at as far as ‘CC Members who are Employees’ are concerned.

 6. Visits to other Southern New Mexico Communities

 SNMCC must identify Common Cause (or similar), sub-groups for ‘get togethers’ or visits to areas of membership concentration.  ‘First Visits’ to see about the possibility of SNMCC sub-organizations could and should be made to areas such as Silver City, Roswell, Alamogordo, etc.

 7.  SNM CC Membership Brochure - J Asche

 The previous comments and the previous efforts have resulted in a new brochure. (J Asche provided copies of the resulting brochure at the meeting.)  Prices pointed to doing the printing of the brochure on a PC Printer.  Copies of the new membership brochure were given to each attendee.

 8.  Website UpdateNo report

 9.  State Board Meeting is July 17 in Albuquerque.  Items?

 No items were offered for the State Common Cause Board Meeting. MA Digman expressed interest as a Sub-Monitor.

 10.  Other Business?

    J Asche’s verbal resignation from the SNMCC Board was received by the attendees.

 11.  Adjourn

         Meetings will continue to be held on the third Wednesday of each month at the J.W. Flours location unless otherwise arranged

        JM Kadlecek adjourned the meeting at 1:25 PM.





Respectfully Submitted,



Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary




Date Approved and Signed