Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


        Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001


        Members Attending: (11)


J Asche, J Bloom, A Burr, MA Digman, L Ellins, R Gurley, JM Kadlecek, M McCamley, V Quiroz, V Simons, and C Welch


      Members Not Attending: (8)


M Ballard, P Banks, G Bigelow, S Carter, R Garcia, D Halls, W Jenkins, and T Smith.


1.  JM Kadlecek called the meeting to order at 11:48 AM.


2.  The Agenda was approved by voice vote. [Moved and seconded. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.]


3.  The minutes of the SNMCC Board Meeting for November were approved. [Moved and seconded. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.]


4. Projects


A.     City Charter - (W. Jenkins)

        This report was submitted via an email.  The City Charter Review Committee is planning to be in existence from January 2005 until June 2005.


B.     MMC Issues - Lynn, Steve, Mary Ann & Jim

        A preliminary report on aspects of the MMC management and operations sale is attached (from JM Kadlecek).

        MA Digman reported that it appears that Province will get more of the indigent or uninsured money.  Also that it appears that Province was using the MMC assets of the city and county (real property) as collateral for their Line-of-Credit from Wachovia.  Lifepoint is using words that indicate that they “will do it better” using FTE (Fulltime Equivalents).  There are indicators that Lifepoint will use less staff to serve MMC patients. (It was pointed out that patients may be denied service and be diverted falsely when they are refused service because the Hospital “is full.” This situation leads to people having to travel to another healthcare facility after they have been intimidated.  They can also be those who were provided “paper” healthcare. 

        There was a general discussion concerning the question of SNMCC internally establishing or leading an Oversight Committee for MMC.  The following issues arose during the discussion:

- Should SNMCC request that the Dona Ana County Health Board or Council handle it [Oversight matter]?

- Should we, SNMCC, visit the CEO at MMC and ask for the establishment of a separate system of reporting and checks and balances?

- Should we request more detailed information concerning this matter and how the issue of oversight is being handled by all who are involved?


C. County Issues - C Welch

        The Commissioners at the recent County Commission meeting passed an agreement between DAC and the sponsors of the possible Anthony Casino.  This agreement concerned payments to Dona Ana County from the Casino (if there is to be a Casino in Anthony) for any infrastructure and additional support that would be have to be provided by Dona Ana County . The newly elected members of the County Commission wanted this matter tabled until they were onboard and familiar with the details. The issue was voted on and passed. The agreement is valid for at least one year. The agreement is not in any manner an endorsement of the Casino.

        The size of the small County Commission facility and the Public Address system (especially in the hall outside of the Commission facility) is inadequate and needs to be improved.  (The new County Building “should” resolve the matter.)  Until the new building is ready, there will be times when it will be very trying and these problems will remain.

        C Welch will draft a letter to the county on Commission Meeting facilities and Public Address concerns (especially during meetings) for the new building. (Fire Code, etc.)


D. NMSU Regents – J Bloom

        This report was submitted via an attached email.  The issue of a union for NMSU employees was not brought up.  It appears that the Regents do not address in public meetings any problems or issues concerning the University operations like unions, drinking, etc.  The process that is used to make or reach decisions has to be understood in order to make any comments. J Bloom will try and get information concerning the process and the availability of any Regent minutes including Executive Sessions.


E. School Board – P Banks    No report.  The LCPS Board meetings are televised on Las Cruces TV.


5.  Monitoring of Public Meetings – (LOWV)

        There are some reports on various WEB sites.  Still some boards are not being covered such as the Housing Authority, The School Boards, The Zoning Commission, etc.


6.  Website Update – A Burr

        The SNMCC WEB site has been updated and reorganized.


7.  Annual Meeting in late winter or early spring – Mary, Tamie and Jane

        J Asche indicated that since the last meeting she has been checking on a place to have the meeting and the time of the meeting as well as the food. She needs to know who the speaker will be about two months out to plan properly.

        R Gurley has met with a very good speaker.  The speaker said OK.  But we must go through the Speakers Agent.  Around 31 Mar, or so, looks good as a target date.

        Discussion around this issue concerned the cost and timeframes.


8.  Officer Selections/Elections for 2005.


        JM Kadlecek solicited volunteers for each position.  A slate and structure will be available in January 2005.


9.  Other Business   None


10. Next Meeting   January 19, 2005


        Meetings will continue to be held on the third Wednesday of each month at the J.W. Flours location unless otherwise arranged


11. Adjournment  - JM Kadlecek adjourned the meeting at 1:11 PM



Respectfully Submitted,




Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary