Southern New Mexico Common Cause

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

         Meeting Location: J.W. Flours Restaurant, Las Cruces, NM 88001

         Members Attending: (12)

 P Banks, G Bigelow, J Bloom, S Carter, MA Digman, L Ellins, D Halls, W Jenkins, JM Kadlecek, M McCamley, V Simons, and T Smith

            Members Not Attending: (7)

       M Ballard, J Asche, A Burr, R Garcia, R Gurley, and V Quiroz, 

and C Welch

 Common Cause Member in Attendance:  R. Clark (Physician Retired)

 1.  JM Kadlecek called the meeting to order at 11:49 AM.

 2.  No changes were made to the Agenda.  Introductions were made around as appropriate.

 3.  The minutes of the SNMCC Board Meeting for July 21, 2004 were approved without changes.   

     [Moved and seconded. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.]

 4. Election of Vice-Chair  W Jenkins was nominated for Vice-Chair.  He was elected unanimously by  voice vote.

 5 Projects

 A.     City Charter, Meeting w/ Mayor - (W. Jenkins)

         The Charter Meeting will be held in October.

         Will address how the voters will handle any changes

         Gave Mayor copy of SNMCC Letter and Attachments on the City Charter.

         Discussed the composition of the Charter Review Committee (To Be Determined).

         W. Jenkins will keep everyone (SNMCC) informed.

 B.     MMC Monitoring - (L Ellins, S Carter, JM Kadlecek, MA Digman.)

        L Ellins has taken over the review of the MMC Lease – No report at this time.

        Many comments given concerning the “anti donation” aspects of the MMC Multiplex and the lease.  Land was in-question.  The sub-committee will report on the details found on the Multiplex and in relation to the promises that were made during the negotiations.

         All signs of the sale of Province were there from the beginning. Now they have come true.  Apparently this has been the objective (in the works) for a long time.

        The consultant’s reputation possibly is up for grabs based on the sale of Province.

         Comments included: Profits from the lease of MMC should be “outside” of City and County control or use; The level of citizen suspicions of public / elected officials will be much higher based on the recently announced sale of Province to LifePoint Hospitals, Inc.

        JM Kadlecek asked for input concerning the Voluntary Disclosure of any monetary gain from the MMC Lease and impending sale of Province to LifePoint by anyone involved in the MMC Lease negotiations, to include family or others connected closely, in any manner, to those involved. This “Disclosure Movement” was based on the tremendous jump in value incurred by Province stock based on the announcement of the sale.

         Any CU input or work-ups concerning this matter should be given to L Ellins.  SNMCC has been in contact with the CU LA Lawyer about the sale of Province.

         MA Digman met with P Herzog, the province MMC CEO, concerning the recent lease.  He stated that he needed a “Matrix” or something to measure MMCs compliance with Province commitments made during the lease negotiations. That may be / could be a SNMCC involvement or input area.  JM Kadlecek pointed out that the policies on providing healthcare to indigents and the underinsured or uninsured were to be submitted to the city – county 90 days after the lease was signed.

         It was moved and seconded to send JM Kadlecek’s letter concerning ‘Disclosure’ to the SUN~NEWS.  It was passed unanimously by voice vote.

C.     County Personnel - (C Welch).

         MA Digman attended the last County Commission meeting.  Her comments indicated her impression that County Employees were at the whim of the Commissioners.  She also had the impressions that women were being phased out and that the prevailing feeling among County Employees was one of being ‘afraid.’  It was added that County Commissioners seemed able to go to Departments directly.

D.    Letter to NMSU Regents Re. Closed Meetings – (J Bloom, JM Kadlecek)

        The last meeting was not attended by SNMCC.  J Bloom will attend the next scheduled meeting.  No response to the recent letter concerning the issue of “specificity” in the announcement of any closed meeting.  This issue is currently being litigated or tested based on the ‘Water Board’ from Farmington.

6.  Monitoring of Public Meetings – (w/ LOWV)

        V Simons is working on the issue of monitoring Public Meetings by the LOWV and SNMCC.  For information, go to the LOWV and SNMCC WEB Pages (soon?).

7. Mailing to Socorro, Silver City

        No response to these mailings has been received at this time.

. 8.  Website Update – (A Burr) No ReportS

 9.  State Annual Awards Luncheon: October 9

         Four persons are to receive awards.  National President of Common Cause will be the speaker.  Cost is $30.

10 Other Business?  None

 11.  Adjourn

         Meetings will continue to be held on the third Wednesday of each month at the J.W. Flours location unless otherwise arranged

        JM Kadlecek adjourned the meeting at 1:02PM

 Respectfully Submitted,

      // signed //

Michael McCamley

SNMCC Board Secretary